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Name:Anna Demirovna
Birthdate:Apr 25
you know that I'm no good
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The Least You Need to Know
New World of Darkness Vampire the Requiem original character, coming fresh out of a particularly hectic chron set in a version of 1930s Chicago that was subject to a complex competition between a number of True Fae.

Anna is a neonate Daeva (Toreador bloodline) who has ended up sharing (a possibly dangerous amount of) headspace with a Fae aspect known as the Huntress.

Born: 1908
Embraced: 1927
Apparent age: 19
True age: 24
Her current timeline places the year at 1932.

Majesty 5*
Celerity 1
assorted Fae abilities (with accompanying weaknesses)
* This is absolutely a lot of Majesty for a neonate, yes.
She has it because her "canon point" is at the end of a chron that was generous with XP.
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