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general info.
Character name: Anna "Anya" Demirovna
Fandom: New World of Darkness Vampire: The Requiem OC, with some Changeling: The Lost in the mix
Species: vampire (Clan Daeva, Toreador bloodline)

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Because she is a (Vampire: The Requiem) vampire who, due to events of the LARP she is taken from, also has a True Fae title, Anna has a number of powers, some of which have the potential to affect other characters in short and long-term ways. Here I will tl;dr a whole lot about what that means.

This list is mostly to provide as much clarification as possible for her powers as she is currently being played (some changes have been made over time in an effort to more closely adhere to Changeling: The Lost canon). Depending on from when in her personal timeline she's taken from, Anna might have access to only her vampire abilities, or both her vampire and fae abilities.

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