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( Boomtown ) Permissions

general info.
Character name: Anna "Anya" Demirovna
Fandom: New World of Darkness Vampire: The Requiem OC, with some Changeling: The Lost in the mix
Species: vampire (Clan Daeva, Toreador bloodline)

NB. This permissions post formatting is adapted from the format for permissions used in [community profile] multiversal.

powers info.
The full, giant, tl;dr write-up of Anna's powers and limitations can be read about here.
Because WoD powers, even when they're not all that powerful, are detailed and finicky, I'm going to try to stick to the big ones/the ones most likely to affect other characters. At the bottom of this post is a permissions survey for people to fill out about the stuff here that can directly affect other characters!

  • Biting/Feeding/The Kiss: When Anna feeds on a person, it produces an overwhelming ecstasy known as "the Kiss." It's very difficult, though not impossible, to resist this ecstasy. When she finishes feeding, licking the wound closes it.

  • Feeding humans/mortals her blood: Vampire blood, called Vitae, tastes amazing, and is incredibly addictive. Drinking Anna's blood creates an affection towards her, and reduces resistance to her Majesty (see below). Drinking her blood on three separate occasions creates a full blood-bond, or vinculum, which manifests as unnatural devotion to her. (This doesn't mean it's impossible to act against her, just that it would take a notable amount of dickery on her end for the blood-bound person to want to.) It takes literally decades apart or Anna's death (or, potentially, outside magical influence) to undo this. Anna can also, with the expenditure of effort on her part or the part of the mortal she's feeding her blood, make them a ghoul. (This only works on mortals, not other supernatural creatures.) Ghouls can, with difficulty, learn vampiric powers. They can also heal like vampires do, which means that Anna can ghoul a person to save them from injuries that would otherwise kill them.

  • Majesty, a.k.a. mind whammies: Majesty is a form of emotional manipulation-based mind whammy that involves increasingly intense versions of "Anna makes the people around her like/trust her more." All of them last for, usually, about an hour. After the power fades, most characters will not realize that anything has happened, and instead dismiss it as a simple fading of affection. (The exception to this is characters familiar with powers similar to Majesty.) In increasing order of potency she can: make herself seem more impressive, especially if she's making a speech or performance; cause someone to want to share their secrets with her; cause someone to love or be devoted to her; summon a person she's met to her; and make herself so impressive/awe-inspiring that, so long as she doesn't attack anyone, it's difficult for people around her to act disrespectful, much less attack her. Majesty is more easily resisted by individuals with high composure (in the sense of not being easily ruffled in social situations) and by individuals who are themselves supernatural.

  • Spending blood: Anna can use her blood to achieve the following minor effects: instantly heal her own injuries (she's actually incapable of healing without spending blood); increase her physical ability for a single action; double her movement speed for a short while; mimic life for an hour; ingest food and drink for an hour.

  • Frenzy and the Beast: If she is especially hungry, angry, or scared, Anna can lose control of herself to her monstrous inner nature (her "Beast") and go into a crazed state called frenzy. It makes her completely animalistic, a bit stronger (not that she's very strong to begin with), and — most dangerously — completely unbothered by injury. In the case of anger frenzy, she could in theory "ride the wave" to try to invoke those benefits deliberately, but would risk losing control entirely if she wanted to try.

permissions for other characters.
1.) Mind control, supernatural persuasion, hypnotism, etc.:
This is perfectly fine by me, as long as you give me a heads up so we can discuss the terms/extent beforehand. For all Anna's own mind-influencing abilities, when it comes to resisting them she is only slightly better off than your average mortal: her vampiric nature gives her an edge, but not much of one. That being said, she will notice if she is being supernaturally influenced in this way.
2.) Mind reading, and the nature of Anna's mind:
As before, this is (probably) fine with me, but here it is especially important to discuss just how much you plan to uncover. Anna works very hard not to think about some of the terrible things she's done (...killings) so that she can continue to blame others for her own mistakes, so let me know if you're planning on digging deep. For telepaths, though, any thoughts mentioned in her narration are just fine to pick up. Same thing goes for empaths regarding emotions.
3.) Magic, curses, etc.:
Anna has a slight resistance to supernatural effects that target her directly, but it's slight enough that, let's be real, what your character wants to do is probably going to work unless they're super shitty at it.
4.) Supernatural presence, and things characters with special senses can notice:
Anna's vampire nature means she has something other vampires refer to as a "predator's taint" — a kind of predatory aspect that other vampires can always sense, and that frequently puts mortals ever-so-slightly on edge, even though they can't place why. This is because mortals (and only mortals; even if Anna seems different to other supernatural creatures, she's only specifically unsettling to mortals/humans) can on some level instinctively sense that she's predator to their prey, even though Anna isn't overtly monstrous enough for most people to realize that that's why she seems "off." To aura-readers and individuals with similar abilities, her aura will register as "dead," with a muted emotional makeup, and is recognizably vampiric to those who have seen vampire auras before.

special traits, immunities, and weaknesses
1.) Special traits:
Anna is essentially a walking, preserved corpse, fueled by blood she takes from others and whatever divine or unholy magic allows vampires to exist in the first place. She doesn't need to breathe, and unless she expends the effort (and blood supply), she doesn't have a pulse, much less any kind of flush to her skin. She also can't ingest anything except blood (animal blood works, though it isn't as nourishing or appealing as human blood); attempts to do so without first spending blood to get her digestive system working result in her messily throwing what she ate or drank back up (and even then she'll still have to throw up once the effect wears off).
Anna was made a vampire at age nineteen, and still appears to be that age, despite her stated/actual age of 25.
2.) Special immunities and resistances:
Immune to poison and chemical agents. She is also immune to disease, but can can act as a disease vector to mortals if the illness is blood-borne.
3.) Hurting Anna:
Anna can recover easily from wounds that aren't caused by fire, sunlight, or beheading, so anything that doesn't outright kill her is fine by me — though planning out beforehand would be ideal. Please do let me know, though, if fire is going to be involved in a scene, since it will probably send her into a potentially dangerous frenzy. For now, please come to me before staking her (which puts her in stasis), and no outright killing her, please.
4.) Notable weaknesses:
Fire and sunlight, as mentioned, can and will kill her, and will probably provoke frenzy while they're killing her. It's also nearly impossible for her to be conscious during the day in the first place. Overt threats to her person while she's in daysleep can wake her, but even then it's difficult for her to function. Anna also has a special weakness to crosses. It might be psychosomatic but it still hurts a ton for her to touch them. A wooden stake through the heart will put her in stasis until the stake is removed, but not kill her (though she could easily be killed in this vulnerable state). Inconvenient rather than dangerous is the fact that she shows up blurred in mirrors and on camera unless she makes a specific effort not to. Oh, and animals instinctively dislike her. Finally, not a weakness so much as a strength she doesn't have, but Anna's senses are no better than a human's.

out of character permissions.
1.) On canon-puncturing/fourth-walling:
Though Boomtown technically allows this, I'd prefer to avoid it. Still, if you have a cool idea, check with me.
2.) Threadjacking:
Unless the thread is specified as locked, threadjacking is icing on the CR cake! However, if it's an ongoing log, please check with me and the other player first.
3.) Triggers:
I don't have any true triggers, myself, but I am comfortable speaking up if something is making me unhappy/uncomfortable. Please don't hesitate to come to me with the same!
For Anna as a character, it's worth noting that, due to her history, she has the potential to involve triggers related to rape, sexual violence, and self-harm. I will always warn for these and put them behind a cut.

Last but not least!


  1. Are you comfortable having Anna feed on your character? Keep in mind that being fed on has that whole overwhelmingly pleasurable thing going on, so it can be somewhat erotic.

  2. Follow-up to the above: Do you want Anna to feed on your character at some point? Is there anything special I should know about your character's blood? Blood from other supernatural creatures usually does wonky things to vampires, so it's good to know. (Canon stuff: werewolf blood is richer than normal, but gives her anger management issues; mage blood makes vampires go temporarily mad; changeling/fae blood is extremely delicious but also kind of like vampire LSD.) Baseline mortals can get in on the "fuck Anna up hilariously with your blood" action if they're drunk or high when she feeds from them.

  3. Are you comfortable having Anna use Majesty on your character? If so, under what circumstances? Alternatively, does your character have special resistance or immunities that mean that this kind of power could or would fail against them? If you're not comfortable (and a lot of people aren't, so no judgment), I won't have Anna use these abilities on your character. (If she's specifically in danger, though, Majesty can sometimes be her only way out, in which case we'll talk.) As far as immunities, in the World of Darkness, Majesty becomes more difficult to use against other supernatural creatures, particularly if they're powerful, as well as being difficult to use against the very strong-willed, but there isn't such a thing as being specifically immune. (Still, that could be enough to give characters a resistance, and especially powerful supernatural beings might be so resistant as to be functionally immune.) However, it's possible for powers from other canons to grant immunities (e.g. an Occlumens from the HP universe).

  4. How do you feel about Anna using her blood on your character? Are there any circumstances in which you would want this to happen? Because of how long-term the effects of vampire blood are on other characters, I have no plans to use any facets of this power. However, if you do want a plot with this, now's your chance to tell me.

  5. Anything else I should know about?

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